Colisweb joins ID Logistics

More workflows,
less wasted time

Colisweb: A free app to help you grow your business with complete freedom.

Why Colisweb ?

Increase sales

Over 60 leading brands have trusted us with their deliveries : connect yourself with new business opportunities!

Less paperwork

Do your couriers use Android or iOS devices?
Forget consignment notes: it can all be managed via smartphone.

Customised routes

Choose your area of activity, your workflows, your vehicles, and Colisweb's technology will do the rest.

Guaranteed payment

Use our straightforward software to manage your operations, with automatic payments every month.

You are in charge

You decide your availability and plan your own routes. Whether you deal with small or bulky packages, our app will suggest the best itineraries for you. With 99% of packages delivered on the first visit, we guarantee more movement without any wasted time.

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we create a unique delivery experience

For all sorts of professional couriers —whether you go by truck, van, car, motorcycle, or bicycle; whether with one or two couriers, don't wait...join us today!

The key to our success is an impeccable quality of service and our commitment to forming lasting partnerships.
With the ultimate objective of creating a unique delivery experience.

Just imagine what you can deliver with Colisweb.