Colisweb joins ID Logistics

Our technology
streamlines urban logistics

What if shipping and delivery could be improved thanks to algorithms?

The last mile is always the longest. Making a delivery at the right time, to the right place and in line with the customer's expectations of service quality requires increasingly complex and disjointed workflows.

Colisweb's mission is to streamline this entire process.
How can it be done? By developing software that organises workflows, optimises routes and predicts volume levels to :

  • Enable you to control the cost of transport and the quality of your service
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and role in urban congestion

More intelligent logistical workflows

Colisweb's technical team has conceived and continues to improve our leading-edge software. This technology serves as the ultimate connector:

  • Between retailers and carriers, for selecting the optimal courier (availability, vehicle type, location, etc.)
  • Between customers and retailers (delivery method, real-time information, satisfaction rating, etc.)
  • Between carriers and clients (appointment scheduling, delivery updates, recipient signature, etc.)

R&D is at the heart of our work

Colisweb develops and tests mathematical models that optimise the last mile by facilitating four main objectives:

  • Organizing workflows
  • Enhancing courier resource management
  • Improving schedule reliability by anticipating congestion
  • Integrating innovations in urban logistics (autonomous vehicles, automatic directions, etc.)

Colisweb's investment in R&D is bolstered by support from partners such as Inria Labs, and the use of agile methods that accelerate testing and implementation of the algorithms we develop.